Jul 15

Editing Drum Breaks for fun changes in Maschine 2

Jul 03

RF Nomad is a Shortwave radio in Eurorack Form and its awesome!


RF Nomad shortwave radio for Eurorack modular


New Eurorack manufacturer Evaton Technologies has introduced a very original idea to the eurorack community! This module is a shortwave radio that has CV input for tuning. what does that mean to the synth user? Well for starters it means on the fly happy accidents unexpected timbers and strange sounds galore! This module can also pick up EMI sounds from computers and other electronics.

The RF Nomad adds the squealy, squelchy, noisy, unpredictable vintage sounds of shortwave radio to your modular. But this is no ordinary shortwave; it’s been designed to be extra noisy, extra squealy, extra gritty, and just downright nasty. No built-in output filtering means that a rich spectrum of harmonic content is available on the audio output jack. Audio levels can be driven to distortion. CV control lets you add your own creative spin on sound design.

Hissy interstation audio. Squealy heterodynes. Fading stations. Atmospheric noises. Faint voices in foreign languages from distant broadcast stations. Fire and brimstone. It’s all in there, just like your granddad’s old tabletop shortwave.

But, the RF Nomad adds a twist: The tuning is voltage controlled. Sure, when you were a kid, you discovered you could make spacy noises on Papa’s shortwave by slowly turning the tuning dial. But just how fast could you twist that dial? Faster than an audio-rate LFO? Hardly. Voltage controlled tuning means that the RF Nomad will let you explore sounds you never imagined you could get out of a shortwave receiver.


Status: Currently manufacturing the first batch!

Format: Eurorack modular synth format

Function: Voltage-controlled Sideband shortwave receiver.

Dimensions: 8HP width (40.3mm x 128.5mm)

Power: +12V: 9 mA, -12V: -9mA


MSRP: $176.00 USD

Jun 13

Synthrotek Sequence 8 Eurorack Sequencer Build and Demo!

Synthrotek Sequence 8 Eurorack modular sequencer!


This is a wonderful 8 step analog sequencer complete with 3 different CV pitch outputs, 8 gate outputs, clock in , clock out, random, random rate, momentary stepping and holding.

Just a very very usable sequencer in a nice compact form that is super powerful. they can even be configured to run off of 9v battery power!

for more info head to

May 22

Xils Lab introduces the VCS4!

Xils Lab introduces the VCS4!

May 22

First impressions of Rob Papen’s Blue 2

May 22

How to Route the Arturia Minibrute and Microbrute inside of Maschine 2

May 22

How to use Native Instruments The Mouth inside of Maschine 2

May 22

Korg MS-20 Mini (with Mods) and iMS20 comparison

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