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Here you will Find Maschine Projects and groups saved with patterns sounds, FX, and more.

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10 thoughts on “FREE DOWNLOADS!

  1. Hey just subscribed to your newsletter awesome info on your site! How can I get the free drums kit from the free downloads video link?

    • NO! do not do that. don’t touch Dystopia at all. all you need to do is load the project and boom that should really be it. I will double check but it SHOULD save everything with Tags and all straight away once you load the project. (check your browser) if it doesn’t you can just resave the individual groups (with samples) let me know if you have any issue. PEACE

      • …so i just add the folder to my user paths and then i should be able to access the project, right?…

        • no just double click on it (place it where every u want it and double click on the project file.) try that first

  2. Are these kits built from copyrighted music? It sounds like the James Brown kit was extracted from James Brown recordings, and the Black Heat kit extracted from Black Heat recordings, etc.

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