NAMM 2016!

NAMM 2016

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So here we are again another year, another NAMM show. What is the focus this year? well of course modular is back in full swing.

Looks like a lot of clamor for bluetooth midi controllers, and of course as always…SYNTHS…


So lets get started with some pictures and a little video from Media day.

Media day is really more a (we have a very small group of manufacturers who are willing to get a jump) so not a huge event but still some note worthy products.


This here is the latest pedal from EBS. whats really cool about this is, it has a clean and drive section that get blended together with a compression. The clean side and drive side have separate FX loops so you can effect each tone individually then blend the mix together at output. there is also a phase invert on here that will change the character of the drive.




This is a Vinyl Lathe at under $4000 This will turn your technics 1200 into a vinyl factory. allowing your to essentially print your own records in real time and with accurate reproduction. minimal upkeep and high quality sound.

Roli seaboard has unveiled a 49 key version of the rise controller. Not only is this one 49 keys, but it is also a low latency (11ms) wireless bluetooth controller priced at roughly $1100 and built very solidly this is one to keep an eye on. While the price tag may seem more than many 49 key controllers on the market right now, no other controller delivers this level of expression. I had a quick play on the Roli and I have to say the sensitivity and expression felt very impressive under hand. the slim design was also rather striking and give an air of build quality not present in other key controllers.



The Expressivee CV, Midi expression controller here is actually quite impressive. Not due out until summer 2016 this expression controller can send 4 cv outputs as well as midi. the top plate is a smooth wood surface that is highly sensitive to scrapes and taps, it kind of feels like you are placing your hand on a a little surfboard lol. what is nice is that it has side to side, forward back and depth control all in a highly sensitive very performable form. the casing is very sleek. price point is TBD but likely in the $500 range.

The Jambe’ iPad controller is pretty slick offering up 1000 levels of pressure sensitivity per pad. currently this is an iPad only affair however after having a quick finger drumming session on it.. I had to immediately plead for this to be come a mac ready controller. the expression is really impressive an if actually feels like you are playing an instrument. Jambe comes with a custom drum synth engine, while sample based it is apparently very deep and we will see more on this in the coming months. currently up for preorder with a $200 off special (normally $700 this brings the price to $500). I can only hope to have more time on this very impressive controller and percussive synthesis engine.

Well its early AM here and … Today (thursday the 20th ) is going to be when a lot of the fun stuff happens. so please stay tuned as I will be uploading more to this page as we go… continued HERE