Eurorack Modular Posts



This page is a hub of sorts for Modular info and articles.

Sure you could click the “eurorack” tab on the side bar, but who has time for that?

Everything you need to know to get started in the world of Eurorack Modular synths

Building a Eurorack Delay FX module and testing it out. 

The Animodule Quad comparator in action

Animodule gets kinky with the new XXX_OR module. I show it using it for both CV and Audio

The new compact and refined SOB filter from animodule is put through its paces

This DIY module allows you to build your own wavetables and import them via SD card!

A new envelope module from Animodule features looping and trigger for added funk on your system

The Microbrute is one of the best deals in all of analog synth land. here I use the sequencer to play a Eurorack modular.

Combining the two brutes like you would a modular synth is beneficial to your funk glands.

The Animodule Tranimodule allows you to boost line level sources and attenuate modular sources while providing a speaker and distortion load circuit!

A triangle core oscillator that stands out with sick PWM and a thick sound

Animodule Tik Tok Eurorack Clock Divider multiplier with musical and Math modes

AniModule V9a sequencer, wave shaper, random


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