Expand the capabilities of Native instruments Maschine through intensive drum and instruments!

Fluxwithit expansions packs for Native Instruments Maschine and Maschine 2 are of the highest quality and most original character available. Each expansion pack is 100% original sounds recorded and crafted by Flux of Fluxwithit.com.  No rehashing the same old sounds, No adding a little reverb to classic sounds you have heard time and time again. These are fresh sound designed masterpieces. Ranging from the Huge Concrete Power Plant recordings of Dystopia, To the Delicate real Electric piano sounds of Maschinestrument Vol 1 to the raucous thundering drums of Dominant Drums. Each sound is tailored to give you an individual character not found in mass market sample libraries.

Take a journey through the Mind of a mad man… Dive into Fluxwithit Expansions.


FineLine Native Instruments Maschine Expansion


  • Over 40 Maschine Groups
  • Over 110 Maschine Instruments
  • Over 300 unique drum samples
  • 15 drum synth presets

Total Size Over 5GB after unpack
Price: $49.99 sale price (reg. $59.99)
Expansion requires Maschine 2.0 and up

FineLine is the brainchild of madman Flux302. This expansion brings you some of the absolute most INSANE cut through the mix BANGING drums and beat inspiring synths and instruments that have ever been used in Maschine. Using advanced layering techniques Flux302 has managed to bring drums to life, these drums will slice through your mix like a ginsu knife, and have you chopping up beats in no time. Not only did Flux302 deliver on the drum side but he also included; over 110 Multi-sampled Velocity layered instruments, Derived from some of the leading analog and hybrid hardware synthesizers including modular and  boutique synthesizers.
All sounds were recorded with the upmost quality and unique environments to provide truly unique character to your sound that can only come from authentic recordings.

Just take a look at what is all included and you will see you absolutely need this expansion in your Maschine arsenal.
Over 40 Maschine Groups
Over 110 Maschine Instruments
over 300 unique drum samples
50 kicks
78 hi hats
55 one shots
51 percussion
62 snares
48 sub kicks
15 drum synth presets
25 Beat loops
19 analog loops

Fine Line Expansion

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Drum-Potion-Vol-1 smaller525

FluxWithIt Presents: Drum Potion vol. 1

Drum Potion vol.1 is a new drum sample pack for all 32 bit .wav compatible samplers. (with kits especially formatted for Native Instrument Maschine)
123 Expertly crafted drum samples

5 maschine kits
These drums are recorded and optomized to give individual character to your drum sampler.
File structure is logically laid out into individual folders for each type of sound (kick, Snare, Hi-hat etc)
The sounds range from subtle kick drum variances to Hard lined Punchy sounds.
Grab it now!

available now! ON SALE Only $14.95!

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The Stim Pack 

Stimpack pic1

The Stim Pack Maschine Expansion is a melodic and drums pack designed to do one thing:  Stimulate your creativity.

Spanning a total of 16 Maschine groups, this expansion includes:  Melodic scales, chords and thumping drums.

  • 8 melodic kits
  • 6 drum kits
  • 2 multi fx kits
  • Over 100 patterns
  • 192 tagged sounds

All formated and optimized for Native Instruments Maschine.

All sounds are 100% original and the source recordings were recorded through both vintage and cutting edge gear and processed for optimum tone and dynamics.

Melodic kits are organized into scales and chords for instantly inspiring sounds and melodies.  Drum kits are designed with unique and distinctive sounds only available in this pack.

Multi fx groups include patterns to allow for a range from subtle shifts to dynamically responsive chaos.

Pick it up today for only $25.00    ON SALE I’m having another baby sale!  $14.99! 
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Dominant Drums Native Instruments Maschine Expansion


25 drum kits
6 Synths
5 multi fx kits for (maschine 1.8)
Over 200 patterns
400 Browser tagged samples
Download Size: 61.3MB
After Unpack Over 110MB
Price: $25.99 sale price (reg. $35)
Expansion requires Maschine 1.8 and up. Works with Maschine 2.0 and up

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Are you feeling the need for drums of a higher order? Are you sick of having to force drums to cut through mixes by adding excessive processing? Dominant drums are drums design to dominate the mix. Whether its hard hitting boom bap cracking drums or subtle fuzz laden hits, Dominant drums will deliver.

25 fully Maschine optimized kits, 6 synths, 5 multi fx groups, 200 patterns and over 400 browser tagged samples.

Folder structure is easily organized to allow use of these samples in not just Maschine but any of your favorite software samplers.

Dominant drums will deliver booming kicks and hard hitting snares. Using unique source material recorded both on location in demanding locations and utilizing premier analog circuitry to provide fresh original sounds. Percussive elements designed to inspire and intrigue with chilling results.

Let Dominant Drums take over.

Flux302 Demos some of the sounds in the Dominant Drums Expansion


Maschinestrument Native Instruments Maschine Expansion


256 Maschine Formatted Instruments
Total Size Over 6GB after unpack
Price: $49.95 sale price (reg. $59.95)
Expansion requires Maschine 1.8 and up. Works with Maschine 2.0 and up
Due to the FX chains used in creating these sounds some instruments may be Processor heavy!

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Maschinestrument Vol. 1 is a one of a kind sound expansion for Native Instruments Maschine.
Using advanced layering of analog hardware synths, acoustic vintage electric pianos, hybrid digital synthesis and the leading modeling synthesis techniques, each instrument is designed to inspire and fit into your mixes like no other product available for Maschine.

Intense Maschine optimization means that each patch takes advantage of Maschine specific effects and routing, tempo synced modulations, mod wheel control over filter sweeping, beat delays, grain effects, etc. All set up and ready to go so that you can spend more time playing and creating while maintaining access to deep sound sculpting tools right at your fingertips.

Maschinestrument Vol. 1 provides:
– 6.75 GB of uncompressed instruments formatted exclusively for use inside of Maschine.
– 256 presets specifically sculpted inside of Maschine, taking advantage of all of Maschine’s potential.
– Each patch contains 30-45 samples for the utmost detailed modulations and tone.
– Advanced tagging means always being able to find just the sound you need when you need it, with no fumbling through the massive 256 presets available.
– 9 type tags covering bass, fx sounds, keys, leads, mallet, organ, pad, synth, winds
– 22 subtype tags
– Perfect for quickly inspiring and getting the most from your Maschine.


Dystopia Maschine Expansion

Dystopia cover
Welcome to the Dystopia!

Flux302 Dystopia Maschine Expansion Pack
Exclusively Prepared for maschine 1.8 and above.

For the Past year This Expansion Pack has been cultivated by going to some extreme enviroments with choice gear and destructive mentality. From 100 ton cranes to Large Iron and concrete destroyed while Sampled in HUGE enviroments with Real industrial equipement. Employing techniques of creative Analog, digital, and Hybrid synthesizers and out board kit. Multi Fx kits complete with Patterns constructed specifically to enhance your music in the Live moment as well as the studio enviroment. This pack spans an eclectic usage of not only Raw percusive sound but True Sound designed specifically for the Dystopian future of music. Dirty, Raw, intense and dark this pack will evoke the Boom to your Bap and drive your beats to the next level.

Simply add the Dystopia folder to your system and follow the included instructions and the pack will show in your browser Fully tagged and ready to go!
Flux302 Dystopia Maschine Expansion packfeatures.

  • 25 Drum Kits
  • 11 Multi FX kits
  • 14 Maschine Instruments
  • 125+ Drum patterns
  • 400+ Browser Tagged Samples in WAV format

Welcome to the Dystopia enjoy your stay.
On Sale I’m Having another kid sale!  $19.99

*If installing on Maschine 2.0 or higher be sure to run the “import 1.x ” function found under the File settings in Maschine 2.x*

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    Sound Demos and Installation videos Below!

Here are some sound Demos
Flux302 Sound Demos using Dystopia and Maschine Standalone