Maschinestrument Vol 1. Has Released! check out the video!

Maschinestrument Vol 1. Has finally released but what is it?



Maschinestrument vol. 1 is a new Maschine expansion consisting of 256 deeply multi-sampled sounds for Native Instruments Maschine. Taking Modular synths, Electric pianos, hybrid synthesis, wavetables, virtual analog and stacking the sources together to create amazing new sounds and textures right inside of maschine. No need to use kontakt when Maschine has a deep sampler right inside of itself. Each sound is tagged in the browser using 9 type tags and 22 sub type tags so that you can easily find the type of sound you are looking for. Maschine’s effects and routing of modulation are used to the fullest to give you extensive playability.

This also happens to be the First Maschine expansion to be tested in Maschine 2.0 enviroment and is 2.0 ready!

Released exclusively through Big fish audio you can pick it up here now! ¬†Just click here –>¬†Maschinestrument Vol 1

Be sure to check out the Audio demo

Also Check out these two overview videos that runs through some of the sounds!

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