Zeta Ohm Fluxus 1 (FLXS1) sequencer goes live on Kickstarter!

The Fluxus one Sequencer from Zeta Ohm

* Breaking news, ZetaOhm have ALREADY reached the goal and are not even halfway through the campaign!*

Recently at Knobcon 2016 I was very lucky to meet an enterprising young man by the name Tenkai. Not only did he save the day (I had a catastrophic computer failure) but he debuted an amazing new eurorack modular sequencer he was working on. We spoke for hours about the specs, and potential of this amazing sequencer and I have to say I was really impressed!Fast forward 6 months and I have a prototype in my hands for testing and the Kickstarter is NOW LIVE. The hype is real.. this thing is beyond anything I’ve yet to see in the eurorack sequencer world. ratcheting arpeggiations per step, onboard midi, multiple cv and gate inputs, 2 cv per channel as well as gate.  color screen and something else, something less tangible … it has character. From the birds that navigate you through the channels to meet the spirits of the steps the colored silicone uniquely shaped buttons are more than just eye catching, they are actually pleasing to the touch. I’ll be showcasing much more of this module as it progresses, but I wanted to take time out and share this kickstarter which is already halfway funded in under 12 hours. This is one to watch!

Four Channel Sixty Four Step Sequencer
Four gate outputs (0-8v)
Eight CV outputs (±10v, 16-bit, 2 per channel)
Per-step arpeggiator with speed select
Scale quantization (microtonal scales planned)
Four Assignable Gate Inputs
Per-channel clock input (4-32ppq)
Pattern advance / select (with CV input)
Arp / glide / random enable
Four Assignable CV inputs (±5v, 13-bit)
Pitch transposition modulation
Arp speed modulation
Dedicated Clock Output
Selectable clock division
16mB Built-in Flash Memory
Save up to 1024 sequences (16 sets of 16×4)
3.5mm + USB MIDI Input + Output
Sync to your computer over USB!
Sync to other gear with 3.5mm MIDI dongle
Built-in Tuner
Connect oscillator output to CV input 1 – 4
100% Open Source OS (Teensy compatible)
Update software over USB
Many software updates planned for 2017
26hp / 200ma 12v / 50ma -12v
/*-^-*\ $675 /*-^-*\ Early 2017 /*-^-*\



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