XXX_OR from Animdoule for Eurorack modular

Here is a new Module from Eurorack Module maker Animodule.
This is the Triple Exclusive Or “XXX_OR”

It is essentially a logic module that takes up to 6 inputs and combine them to shape the Analog outputs (3) and Gate outputs (3) into interesting sounds and CV. each input is Buffered to the next along with a slight overdrive so each output can get you more shaping. There are so many ways to use this I am needing to do a few videos. (Ring Mod, FM sourcing, Distortion just to name a few)

These are available NOW!

Animodule Lil Monster VCO Eurorack module gets taken for a spin!

Animodule is a small Eurorack and MU format analog synthesizer module maker. Based out of Pennsylvania, they create hand built analog masterpieces that shake houses and dominate mixes.  The Lil Monster VCO is a hand built Triangle core OTA based oscillator with HUGE pulse width modulation and excellent features such as sync, and exponential / linear FM. It’s calibrated for 1v per octave so it will work with most standard analog synths. The Circuit board is etched using a C&C machine so these are not some mass market hunks of junk. These modules are built to last and really feel well built. the knobs have a strong sturdy placement the pots are not wiggly it just feels like someone actually put care into what they were making. Respect it.

Take a listen to its intense sound in this short video here and stay tuned for more articles featuring this manufacturer.

You can pick up their modules here–>