Arturia Microbrute SE Unboxing and Overview/ Review video

  • Main Features
    Monophonic synthesizer
    100% Analog Audio Signal Path
    Steiner-Parker 2 pole Multimode Filter (Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass)
    Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator
    Oscillator Mixer (Overtone, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, audio in (on rear panel))
    ‘Overtone’ sub oscillator/5th generator
    Signal Enhancers :
    Pulse Width Modulation
    Ultrasaw generating fat sawtooth waveforms
    Metalizer bringing extreme harmonics
    Brute Factor™ delivering saturation and rich harmonics
    LFO with 3 waveforms (Sine, Sawtooth, Square)
    LFO clock syncable to Arpeggiator (Arpeg, or free).
    ADSR Envelope Generator
    Keyboard Tracking on the VCF Cutoff
    25 note minikey keyboard
    Mod Wheel (assignable to Cutoff, or LFO amount)
    Pitch Wheel (with selectable bend range via software)
    Octave selector from -2 to +2 octaves
    External Analog Audio Input
    CV In jacks: Pitch, Filter, sub-harmonics, pulse width, metalizer, saw animator
    CV Out jacks: pitch, envelope, LFO
    MIDI Inwith 5 pin DIN connector
    USB MIDI In/Out
    1/4” Audio Output and 1/8” Headphone Output
    Full Function step sequencer :
    8 memories
    up to 64 steps per memory
    tap tempo
    rate control
    step divisions (via software)
    trigger modes (via software)
    MIDI Sync
    Steel bottom panel
    12V DC 1A power supply

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