Mode Machines OMF-1 Analog Rack Filter

The Mode Machines OMF-1 is an analog 19″ rack filter designed for use with a wide variety of sources. the preamp in this unit can handle signals from guitar (instrument level) input all the way up to eurorack modular levels.  Far from just a basic Moog ladder filter clone, the OMF-1 adds a tap for the phase reversible single pole -6 db per octave slope (labeled FIZZ) phase reversible 4 pole -24 dp per octave slope(labeled Smooth), as well as extensiv modulation options. Also included in this circuit is a beautiful sounding overdrive. By sending signal into the filter and adjusting the preamp, you can overload the filter core (indicated by a red LED) to add additional harmonic content to the signal.  The OMF-1 features a side chain input as well as CV and Gate inputs for external filter control. The modulation options are Follower (think Mutron bass filter) Attack Release and Attack Decay settings. the LFO has triangle and square waveforms with a rate control and dedicated depth control as well as the ability to self trigger the envelope (which essentially will act like a complex lfo shape).  clocking in £666.00 direct from the mode machines site, this is an impressive all analog rack mount filter that truly has an impressive character.Take a listen to the video for plenty of sound demonstration. take a look at the Manual here 

Ibanez Jam Pack Quick Start Jr. 3/4 Guitar Review and thoughts.

American Musical Supply Provided me with an Ibanez Jam Pack Quick Start jr 3/4 size guitar package and Here is my Review.

First off Let me start off by giving some details as to what a 3/4 size guitar is useful for. Generally speaking this size guitar is going to be used by either Kids or smaller adults that are learning guitar. they are typically a little easier on the hands while still providing a natural feel and ability to translate your learned techniques easily to a full size guitar.
I always recommend when learning guitar I feel it’s best to start acoustic as it tends to be better on your fingers and there is no FX or distortion to cloud the purity of your technique.
Have a look at the video Review to get some more insight into my thoughts on this package.
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A package set like the one I am reviewing here will provide you with everything you need to get up and playing with out hunting around for more supplies. Continue reading