Ibanez Jam Pack Quick Start Jr. 3/4 Guitar Review and thoughts.

American Musical Supply Provided me with an Ibanez Jam Pack Quick Start jr 3/4 size guitar package and Here is my Review.

First off Let me start off by giving some details as to what a 3/4 size guitar is useful for. Generally speaking this size guitar is going to be used by either Kids or smaller adults that are learning guitar. they are typically a little easier on the hands while still providing a natural feel and ability to translate your learned techniques easily to a full size guitar.
I always recommend when learning guitar I feel it’s best to start acoustic as it tends to be better on your fingers and there is no FX or distortion to cloud the purity of your technique.
Have a look at the video Review to get some more insight into my thoughts on this package.
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A package set like the one I am reviewing here will provide you with everything you need to get up and playing with out hunting around for more supplies.
generally when looking at a guitar (https://www.americanmusical.com/Guitars) your going to need a few items. 1) the guitar. 2) the strings. 3) A tuner and 4) a pick.
while this package Provides the Guitar, a carrying case, Tuner, and extra hardware. the strings are already on the guitar with no additional strings provided. this is important to note that no pick or extra strings are included and may want to be purchased as well.
Ibanez is known for providing high quality yet affordable guitars and this is actually my third Ibanez I have owned. https://www.americanmusical.com/Ibanez-Acoustic-Guitars
I also Have a full size Ibanez and an electric and both have been a great value to me.

In order to properly compare this guitar you would need to compare it with similar priced items from other manufacturers. Truth be told I have used and seen the guitars provided at this price point by bulk brands at both toy and department stores and I can honestly say that the quality of this guitars materials are definitely a step above those cheap substitute guitars (and the actual price point is right in line )
While I did see a few small issues like some left over glue from the factory on the neck, a small nick in the varnish and a tuner head thats hardware mounting wasn’t perfectly flush I would still say the build is pretty good. and definitely better than what I have seen from other mass market guitars and youth sized guitars.

Tone wise I would say this guitar is slightly on the bright end with a boost in it’s upper mid range. the body seems to really like to resonate on those upper mids. while the low end is full but not as pronounced. This makes sense given the smaller size of the guitar.

The action felt light but not weak. Very useable and didn’t make me feel like I had to force any notes. the neck needed a small adjustment to get the strings to not have a buzz around the 5th fret. This again is to be expected in this price range.
I think in this price range your gonna be hard pressed to find a guitar without any flaws at all. but this one comes very close. the imperfections I did note were not really functional and more just in the order of refinement. no problem for a young learning guitarist.
overall I would say it’s a good buy and feels like it could last a good while.

I won’t be giving up my full sized Ibanez for a 3/4 size but at least now my kids can try to keep up a little better 🙂

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