BKE Beat Thang @ NAMM 2013

BKE was on hand to show it’s Beat Thang update along with it’s new expansion packs. Looks like the Beat Thang has a bright future with continued updates planned. a $100 credit toward expansion packs and an official Outkast expansion! Very cool.

check em out at https://www.beatthang.com

DSI Prophet 12 overview

So just to recap these oscillators are DIGITAL not analog oscillators. the rest of the signal chain is analog. meaning analog filters VCA. Man,,,, Both this year and last year Dave was taking shots on the floor at namm. I missed it again (and a chance to get one of those nice shot glasses.)  oh well maybe next year?

Liquid Rhythm by Wave DNA @ NAMM 2013

This one is gonna need a bit more for me to write up on. Basically what we have here is a new way to sequence drums in your DAW quickly. This software essentially is not only a way to organize your drum patterns but to give you every possible combination of notes to construct a pattern in a one bar loop. You have the ability to allow it to endlessly chain these patterns together creating slight groove variations with out the tedious programing. Watch the video and feel free to leave a comment. what do you think about this new way of working. is it quick and fast or is it warping your puny little mind and making you take aspirin. I have yet to try it out but am very interested. I will be heading over to www.wavedna.com to get more info soon.