KORG MINI MS 20 random tweaking and testing.

I had a chance to tweak out on the Mini ms-20 take a listen to how it sounds!

I had only a few short seconds to grab this unit and plug my recorder in so I could not really get involved with patch making, instead I just did some quick random tweaking to get some actual audio. I will say when it comes to build quality.. an MS-20 this is not. the knobs felt absolutely terrible. I mean really really cheap. the plastic felt like if u squeezed the knob you could break the knobs in your had. the unit is very light (plus for some negative for others) and the keybed and mod wheel felt very toyish. (good thing it can be controlled via CV inputs) the sound…. to be perfectly honest I am still on the fence about. it really didn’t grab me. In truth even though I believe it is supposed to be the same as the monotron… I think the monotron sounded a bit fatter to me. and yes I am comparing it to a $60 synth… silly. I still love the sound of the filter. and I can see myself wanting it, but the build quality really makes me hold back and want the other new affordable analogs that have been released recently. given it’s about the same price point as the arturia minibrute… I’d go mini brute.

3 thoughts on “KORG MINI MS 20 random tweaking and testing.

  1. lol..you had the hipass filter on during almost the entire video

    the ms-20 has 2 oscillators and a butt ton of other things to do. no way the monotron (which I own, modified to hell) sounds as good as the ms20, but I look forward to using them together.

    • yes but I actually had 3 videos… this was the second of them. I had to keep coming back as the korg rep didn’t want unofficial audio being taken. so i was sneaking and doing these videos fast (unfortunately the other two which were more about the LP filter and how the res can scream (which I love) were clipping really bad so i didn’t post em. still … it sounded surprisingly thin. and the build quality was honestly the worst I have ever felt… I have a feeling i will still buy one. but not before getting the stylophone s2 the sub phatty and a few other synths on my list. this went from top 3 that i was looking to buy to prolly around number 6

  2. why comment on an english video when you don’t know how to speak english??? did you not read the video title RANDOM tweaking? on a show floor let me see you unhook their gear and quickly set up a recorder and make a quality patch before getting booted out the booth… take your lame ass attitude elsewhere.

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