MST Expressor dual expression pedal interface for eurorack Modular

The MST Expressor allows you to use expression pedals with your modular, taking a “hands-off” approach to expand your control and creativity. It has two identical powered expression pedal processing units in one handy module, allowing you to do things such as:

Control volume with your foot
Attenuate CV or audio if no expression pedal is plugged in
Add positive or negative voltage with the flick of an ankle:
Sweep a filter cutoff
Transpose CV
Pitch bend
Direct audio volume control
Attenuate and expand external CV
LFO rate adjustment
Modulation amount control


Processes audio and DC signals
Two discreet expression pedal input channels (1/4″ TRS jacks)
External signal (audio or CV) input per channel
Precise output adjustment: attenuator/scale control per channel
3-position switch select of +5V, -5V or 0V (mute) per channel
External input bypasses the switch voltage (the switch voltage and external input are not active at the same time, i.e. the voltage will not offset your input signal.)
Red/green LED per channel (red = positive voltage, green = negative voltage)
Compatible with passive TRS 1/4″ expression pedals, such as the M-Audio EX-P

Current draw: 28mA on +12V; 28mA on -12V
Width: 8HP
Module depth: 24mm

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