NAMM travel woes

So im posting this from my phone. After leaving bright and early at 5am to catch my flight from philly to san fran I got to sit on the tarmac for 3 hours. Then I was told what was a direct flight to san fran now had to stop for gas in st. Louis. I land In st. Louis and now the plane is broke so I am stranded trying to book a new flight thanks usairways.

Ok so now that my flight was cancled im stuck here in st lousouis for a good 5 hours till I can fly to phoenix then to cali. Yep it sucks.
Ive seen a few things posted up like m audio making more mido controllera with 12 drum pads on em (wth are they thinking) and akai cashing in on the mpc name with mpc branded headphones (and loosing its last shred of dignity)
Also a 8 pad sample trigger that is a stand alone piece of dj gear. Great Idea thats about 12 years to late. Every dvs out there can do what this future obsolete piece of kit does and likely any dj not using a dvs has much cheaper options or is so out of touch with the scene that this is probably a non option. What ever.

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  1. Well actually akai is owned by inmusic who own numark alesis m audio ion and a few others. The m audio deal went down last year. Yeah the inmusic booth is filled with pretty cheesy gear this year. There are a few cool pieces I will post on tomoorow though

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