Evaton Technologies introduces the MKAdapter Gooseneck solution for Micro Korg synths!

This adapter allows you to use a standard Mic adapter with your MicroKorg Vocoder!
check it out at https://www.evatontechnologies.com/mkadapter.

The really great thing about this is that its such a simple solution and can really save you from accidents that having an extra boom stand on stage could cause.

The MKAdapter™ allows you to use a standard microphone gooseneck directly on your Korg MicroKorg synthesizer vocoder, without needing to set up a separate mic stand.

The MKAdapter is a standard 5/8-27 threaded adapter. It fits the built-in microphone holder socket on the Korg MicroKorg synthesizer/vocoder,  that was designed to hold the flexible microphone included with the synth.

Shorten your gig setup time and reduce your touring weight; buy the MKAdapter™ from one of our dealers today!

MKAdapter™ is 100% Made in USA

MK Adapter image_1