Evaton Technologies introduces the MKAdapter Gooseneck solution for Micro Korg synths!

This adapter allows you to use a standard Mic adapter with your MicroKorg Vocoder!
check it out at https://www.evatontechnologies.com/mkadapter.

The really great thing about this is that its such a simple solution and can really save you from accidents that having an extra boom stand on stage could cause.

The MKAdapter™ allows you to use a standard microphone gooseneck directly on your Korg MicroKorg synthesizer vocoder, without needing to set up a separate mic stand.

The MKAdapter is a standard 5/8-27 threaded adapter. It fits the built-in microphone holder socket on the Korg MicroKorg synthesizer/vocoder,  that was designed to hold the flexible microphone included with the synth.

Shorten your gig setup time and reduce your touring weight; buy the MKAdapter™ from one of our dealers today!

MKAdapter™ is 100% Made in USA

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Korg Kp2 Kaoss pad Pad motion Toggle Mod

Korg Kaoss Pad 2 always lacked one thing


I love the Kaoss pad kp2 but it always lacked a very simple feature. The ability to play your XY modulations without having to touch the unit.  Well today I finally got sick of that lack of functionality and decided to do something about it.  By installing a simple single throw single pole toggle switch I am now able to trigger my Pad motion without holding down the spring loaded toggle switch. why korg didn’t simply include a button for this is far beyond me but hey, the mod is quite simple and straight forward.



First I took out my multi meter and checked the pins to find where continuity would be breaking and making.

20140421_121817 once you have located the placement of the switch wires to make a path for the switch. remove the microphone input board gently.KP2mod1edit20140421_124134Usiing a Dremel tool make a whole where you want the switch keeping in mind that you need to keep the switch close to the main board so that you don’t hit the capacitors when you reinstall the microphone board.20140421_124607Solder the wiring one leg to each side of the switch. be careful not to over heat the board. If possible bend away any tabs that might come in contact with the microphone board to prevent shorts

20140421_124554Reinstall the microphone board and put all the screws back in place. you are now ready to have fun !