Using Instrument Level gear with your Modular (LineAmp from Animodule)

The Animodule Line_Amp has been out for just a little while and its a very small (2hp) module but I am continually finding nice little tricks with this module.

The Line amp is essentially a dual buffered multiple BUT it has a switch on it that when turned on will boost any signal times 3. This is useful for taking line level signals and sending them up to the Modular world audio signal level range.

Additionally what I have discovered is that by sending an output from the LineAmp back to its second input you can boost even further and bring instrument level sources such as an electric guitar or rhodes piano up to Modular levels.

Check the Video out for more info on this great eurorack modular synthesizer module 🙂

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Fender Rhodes MK2 Stage 88 through Guitar rig 5, Vox AC4tv and pedals

This video I did to Demonstrate the sound of the Fender Rhodes through Various FX and pedals along with Guitar rig 5 using rig Kontrol 3 and a Vox AC4tv small watt tube amp running a Marshall MG100fx (as a cab)