HOW to Synth DIY Series Part 2 (Kit list and soldering info)

How to synth DIY part 2

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Now that we have established some basics it is time to take a look at what we are actually going to be doing in this series. I want to start off by giving a list of the Synthrotek Kits we will need in order to complete this series. You can purchase these kits as we go along or all of them upfront (getting them upfront is not a bad idea as we will likely have some live Q&A sessions and it will be nice for you to have the kits ready).

Here are the planned kits that will be involved.

1) Passive Ring Mod Kit (think Dalek voice)

2) 4093 Chaoss Nand kit (drone oscillator)

3) 555 Timer kit (this will be used as an LFO to control delay etc)

4) Dirt Filter 9v kit (distortion and filtering)

5) PT2399 Dev Board kit  (this is a digital delay that emulates analog delay chips)

6 Vac Pack (adds CV control to any variable resistance controlled circuit)

7) Plastic Enclosure  (this will be what we place all our items into) you are not limited to use just this case, feel free to use more than one case or a larger case if you like.

Remember we are doing this together we may need to make some minor alterations and possibly even add more parts. Luckily all of these circuits and kits are very affordable from Synthrotek and provide the perfect back drop to get into Synth DIY without worrying about messing up a very expensive circuit!

The idea is that we are going to make a new Mangle box that we can send audio into, as well as creating interesting drone synth scapes stand alone! Everything will be powered off of 9v power.

A Dremel is a VERY useful tool (if you don’t wanna spend the money on a dremel you can get any cheap rotary tool, or use a hand drill. I recommend dremel as I have been using mine for a long time with no issues)

Now to start off I am going to provide a few links to some EXCELLENT soldering tutorials. I will cover some of these techniques in later videos as well. I just figure lets utilize what is out there right?

Now I am using links to one of my favorite youtube blogs. EEVBlog is an electrical engineering blog but done by a very charismatic individual that I fully respect, so lets use his soldering tutorial videos as he is far more skilled than I. The SMD info you don’t really need for this project. but nice to know none the less 🙂

Part 1 here goes over the actual Tools

Part 2 here goes over actual Technique 

Please watch this videos and give him a thumbs up while you are at it!


Next up we will discuss the first circuit we will be working with. The Passive Ring Modulator!

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and from sales of My Sound libraries at Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.03.36 AM

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