Namm thoughts and pictures….

Flux’s General Namm 2016 thoughts


Well I’m on the plane home from lovely anneheim back to a 20″ deep snow covered Philly… Yay

Well while I’m on this 8 hour journey back home I thought I would type out some of my impressions of what all went down at Namm.

First let me just say modular has gone main stream. Normally at Namm I tend to spend a lot of time roaming across all 4 floors… But this year I found my self staying In a very tight location. Why? Well because aside from very few exceptions ALL the interesting things were in the WMD both area. We had expected a sampler from roland (but then we rush to┬ároland

every year looking for a new MV8000 and every year we leave heads down, this year was no different aside from seeing the sexy system 500 eurorack modules.

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