MST MIDI to CV converter eurorack module


MST MIDI to CV Converter

The MST MIDI to CV Converter is a translator between digital devices and analog synths, allowing you to connect your modular system to a keyboard, computer, phone or tablet. Continue reading

Prophet 12 or Ultranova a synth exploration

The Prophet 12 vs the Ultranova


DSI_Prophet_12-module_angled-640x465 ultranova1








At first glance these two synthesizers may not seem to share much in common… one being a budget synthesizer retailing for only $599, the other being a boutique flagship synth coming in at $1799 (for the desktop module).

But what these synths do have in common is actually rather intriguing. Both feature a complex set of oscillators capable of sonic territory that can run from smooth to gritty, from basic to intricate, and both can modulate their oscillators in interesting ways.

Both of these synths have incredible amounts of modulation sources and destinations which equate to having a truly powerful sound design engine to work with. Both are known as modulation powerhouses.

The build quality of these two surely take very different approaches but for now we will try to focus more on sound possibilities and how these two work in a sonic creation stand point. Of course the Metal and wood of the DSI product feels solid and clearly more expensive than the plastic of the Novation but the UN by no means has a cheap feeling key bed (in fact its one of my favorites) and features like touch capacitive knobs and high resolution knobs are a step toward a more professional product. Continue reading

Namm thoughts and pictures….

Flux’s General Namm 2016 thoughts


Well I’m on the plane home from lovely anneheim back to a 20″ deep snow covered Philly… Yay

Well while I’m on this 8 hour journey back home I thought I would type out some of my impressions of what all went down at Namm.

First let me just say modular has gone main stream. Normally at Namm I tend to spend a lot of time roaming across all 4 floors… But this year I found my self staying In a very tight location. Why? Well because aside from very few exceptions ALL the interesting things were in the WMD both area. We had expected a sampler from roland (but then we rush to roland

every year looking for a new MV8000 and every year we leave heads down, this year was no different aside from seeing the sexy system 500 eurorack modules.

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