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MST MIDI to CV Converter

The MST MIDI to CV Converter is a translator between digital devices and analog synths, allowing you to connect your modular system to a keyboard, computer, phone or tablet. Continue reading

Arturia unleashes iSpark for iPad, why you should care.

So below I’ll post the regular press release and info but lets talk about why this release actually matters.Menu

  1. you can use your SparkLE usb controller with this app, that means you have an actual tactile hands on drum machine experience with just a iPad as the processing power… think about this for live shows or that “stand alone drum machine” feel… thats pretty dope right?
  2. its available for iPad air and above… why does that matter? well because it means they are jamming serious power into this app and not letting older iPad units hold it back with lack of processing power. This is a double edged sword because I’m sure Arturia risks missing out sales from owners of older iPad devices. It also means the writing is now on the wall for those of us with older iPads (I currently own an iPad 4 and was hoping to get one last year out of it.)Studio2
  3. the in app store looks to have a promising host of content. Already there are three promising expansions with more to come. I love new sounds at affordable prices.Library2
  4. ableton link is already tested and working along with a host of other sync abilities. very nice to see this app playing nicely in a host of varied environments. Continue reading

Neutron sound Orgone Accumulator v2 RETAIL VERSION!

The Orgone Accumulator v2 is almost here!

OAv2retailfront Yes thats right … there is a NEW Orgone Accumulator (referred to as OA from here on) on the block and its a big deal! So you might be scratching your head wondering what the OA actually is. The OA is at its fundamental, a wavetable VCO… a complex one at that. At the top side of the module you will see there are 3 wave controls and a modulator control. The three wave controls correspond to 3 wavetables which can each be morphed and twisted in its own way.  Independent control of each waveforms effect is available with push buttons below the wave controls.. at this point before we dive to deep let me just put it this way, The OA is a complex triple wavetable VCO, the fourth knob is an independent wavetable dedicated as a modulator. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! thats right, on top of being a fantastic complex VCO, the OA also is Continue reading