Maschine Studio Preview and Initial thoughts.

Maschine 2.0 and The Maschine Studio

A short preview and initial thoughts


October first 2013 Native Instruments dropped a bomb on the 
heads of the beat creation world.
With the first announcement video, a very slick video HERE 
that got the forums and social media drooling for more.
What was this? A new maschine hardware unit, and a rewritten 
software engine to the beloved Maschine software.
The first thing that is instantly noticeable about the new 
hardware is the luscious new screens. Hi-res screens that 
look similar to smart phone screens with gorgeous graphical 
displays allowing us to now see everything from the arranger, 
to the sample editing, to mapping etc.
These screens providea significant improvement over the previous 
MK2 hardware screens. Now sample editing is gorgeous with beautiful 
looking waveform displays and zooming that is highly detailed. 
No desire to look up to your monitor at all.
Play heads scroll quickly across the screen with no trails or signs 
of low quality refresh rates. I noticed no color bleeding or other 
issues common to low quality screens.


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