How To Synth DIY project part 6 Chaos NAND , Delay etc


Now that the Circuits have all been Built. we can wire them all together.  This is really quite straight forward. Simply wire everything in parallel. This means that the power wiring for each module goes directly back to the source. This allows us to not have voltage drop across each component.

make sure to leave plenty of extra wire so that you can place knobs and connectors where ever you want in your enclosure.

I will return shortly to show how everything is mounted in the case and give it a nice run through!

How to Mod the Arturia Minibrute and Microbrute! (add LFO out and Waveform Out!)

Modding the Minibrute

For some time now I have really loved the Brute series from Arturia. I also tend to be the type of person to just never be satisfied even when things are going great. So today I decided to modify my brutes.  The one feature I always wished the Minibrute had was LFO output so that it could be used to control my modular.  Well today I rectified that problem with a simple mod that you can do with very basic tools.

All that is needed is a few mono 1/8″ jacks, some wire, some solder, a soldering iron, a screw driver and a drill.

Here is a list of the solder points and what they are. The video below details not only how to perform this mod, but how to actually find these types of modifications yourself!

Minibrute waveform output list




——-    VCO OUTS :








An intro to Eurorack modular synthesizers

An introduction to Eurorack Modulars


For sometime now I had been wanting to get myself a Eurorack modular synth but wasn’t fully versed in what I needed to actually make this happen. I was well aware of how one worked (this will be covered later) but not how to actually start without wasting a ton of money. I researched and patrolled forums, spoke to friends that owned modulars and generally took my time to make an educated decision on how to get my first system up and running.

Now I would like to pass some of that knowledge on. This article is intended to clear up some of the foggy entry points to Eurorack and make it a lot easier for people to get the systems they want at an affordable price. Please keep in mind because Eurorack Modulars are indeed fully modular, there is no one correct way to start your modular.

This intro video touches on a few of the topics covered here. I recommend watching it and reading the article as well.

What is a Eurorack Modular and why should I want one?

Eurorack is a modular synthesizer format, think of it like VST is a format for plug ins. Any module in Eurorack format can be placed into a Eurorack case (given you have the space and power allocation) and will work with other modules.  These modules range from basic  synthesis building blocks such as a Amplifier, mixer, Oscillator, envelope, filter etc. to more function and west coast school methods of synthesis such as Function generators (like the Make noise Maths) Flip flops, comparators, even digital control modules.   Continue reading

XXX_OR from Animdoule for Eurorack modular

Here is a new Module from Eurorack Module maker Animodule.
This is the Triple Exclusive Or “XXX_OR”

It is essentially a logic module that takes up to 6 inputs and combine them to shape the Analog outputs (3) and Gate outputs (3) into interesting sounds and CV. each input is Buffered to the next along with a slight overdrive so each output can get you more shaping. There are so many ways to use this I am needing to do a few videos. (Ring Mod, FM sourcing, Distortion just to name a few)

These are available NOW!

2 new DIY eurorack modules the Tabula Rasa wavetable VCO and the Music thing Spring reverb

Here are two DIY or build them yourself modules for Eurorack. first up is the Tabula Rasa an Arduino based wavetable oscillator that lets you create new waveforms, dump them to SD card and use them in your Eurorack modular. Then we have the Spring reverb from Music Thing which is a voltage controlled spring reverb hooked to a real spring tai. it also has the option of being built with a digital brick reverb tank as well.

Animodule Lil Monster VCO Eurorack module gets taken for a spin!

Animodule is a small Eurorack and MU format analog synthesizer module maker. Based out of Pennsylvania, they create hand built analog masterpieces that shake houses and dominate mixes.  The Lil Monster VCO is a hand built Triangle core OTA based oscillator with HUGE pulse width modulation and excellent features such as sync, and exponential / linear FM. It’s calibrated for 1v per octave so it will work with most standard analog synths. The Circuit board is etched using a C&C machine so these are not some mass market hunks of junk. These modules are built to last and really feel well built. the knobs have a strong sturdy placement the pots are not wiggly it just feels like someone actually put care into what they were making. Respect it.

Take a listen to its intense sound in this short video here and stay tuned for more articles featuring this manufacturer.

You can pick up their modules here–>